Beautiful Babies Stay On Booties - Solid Suede - Many Colors

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Our stay-on booties are designed to keep your baby's feet warm and trendy. Each pair is carefully constructed with a snuggly inner lining and feature an inner "shoe" with elastic that helps keep these booties on baby's feet all day long. Finished with top stitching for added durability and KAM snaps, these are the perfect accessory for your little one's feet. Sizes 6-9 months and bigger feature a "toughtek" sole, which provides a "grip" to the floor and protection against the elements when worn outside.
This pair features super soft suede inner shoe and cuff. Shoe is lined in sherpa. Available in 10 COLORS!
0-3 months/shoe size 0 (foot measurement = 3 inches)
3-6 months/shoe size 1 (foot measurement = 3.5 inches)
6-9 months/shoe size 2.5 (foot measurement = 4 inches)
9-12 months/shoe size 4 (foot measurement = 4.5 inches)
12-18 months/shoe size 5.5 (foot measurement = 5 inches)
18-24 months/shoe size 7 (foot measurement = 5.5 inches)
shoe size 9 (foot measurement = 6 inches)
shoe size 10 (foot measurement = 6.5 inches)
shoe size 12 (foot measurement = 7 inches)
shoe size 13 (foot measurement = 7.5 inches)
Booties are handmade, therefore, pattern placement on each shoe may vary a bit.
All items are CPSC compliant. Made with domestic and imported materials.

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