Why My Daughter Hates Target

My daughter hates target.

Well maybe I am over exaggerating a little...

While visiting grandma this week we took a good ol' casual trip to Targay (aka the fanciest Target I know), and we saw them!  We found the cutest little shoes ... in Maryann's size ... on sale!!  They where ADORABLE...and such a great deal!  Yay!  We know that we make her super cute shoes.  And we do.  ALL the time!  But every once in a while we see REALLY cute "real" shoes.  Add to that finding a really good deal, it feels too good to pass up.  SO we put the cute boots on her and waited for her to done sitting in the cart (AKA throwing the "all done" fit, like three isles over)  Ready to see the boots in action, we set her free.  

MAN where they cute.....and TERRIBLE.  Not because they wouldn't fit - the fit was fantastic.  Not because they went up to far.  But she legitimately couldn't walk. 

Seriously!! Check out this video!!

 We have always kept the kiddo in shoes that are completely flexible from toe to heel.  But those "fake shoes", the ones people claim have "terrible support", were starting to make me feel like a bad mom.  Peer pressure is telling me I should have my kiddo wearing "real shoes".  She's almost two for goodness sake!  "It's winter, she's going to need shoes with hard bottoms to keep the wetness and cold out."  

This is all totally bologna!!! 

I've done a little research that I think you all might be interested in.  The looser, the "flimsier" the shoe, the BETTER they are for your kiddos feet!! The kind of shoes you're looking for are no shoes. YUP no shoes! 

Being barefoot helps your child have a better connection with the ground when learning to walk.  OK, I know that sounds a little cooky, but it's true! There are SO many nerve receptors on the bottom of your feet!  The more your baby can feel when learning to walk the less they have to look down and see what is happening under their feet.  Our babies get enough bumps and bruises when learning to walk....being able to look at where they are going is just one less boo boo waiting to happen.

Babies need the freedom to be able to fully move and spread out their feet.  The human foot is not fully developed until the early teens.  Restricting the movement and spreadability of the feet can disrupt the development process and lead to posture problems later in life.  

Now, I don't know about you, but my baby's toes get COLD!! (Not to mention I don't like the idea of my baby's toes being exposed to every kind of dirt and germ on the ground.) I would love nothing more then to live somewhere that was warm enough for my baby (and myself) to be barefoot all year round.  But I married an army man that I promised to follow all over the United States (and sometimes the world).  We are currently stationed in one of the COLDEST cities in the United States.  So I cover Maryann's toes in socks AND shoes, but never again the hard shoes from any store (no matter how cute they are or how great the deal)!

The shoes we make here at Beautiful Babies Boutique are truly wonderful (not that I happen to be bias or anything).  

Our Shoes 

Our shoes hit all of the goals you are trying to meet when you're looking for the perfect baby shoe.  From crib shoe to toddler every day wear, I promise you will get maximum function out of these shoes!! 

These have the most flexible bottoms I have personally ever seen.  They are made from a fabric called toughtek which is not only weather and slip resistant, but it is extremely flexible! We also line the inside of the sole with the same super soft fabric (usually fleece or sherpa) that lines the other parts of our shoe to add a little warmth against the ground.

The toes area is made from two layers of soft fabric not only keep your kiddos toes warm, but they allow for a little bit of stretch.  Enough for your toddlers foot to spread as much as it wants to when they are wearing the right size.  

And our favorite part, these suckers are EXTREMELY hard for your babies to take off! The elastic around the back (and into the front) grips the "inner shoe" onto the baby's foot.  The cuff around the ankle is held on by KAM snaps and makes it hard for the baby to reach the inner shoe! Our customers have been extremely pleased with the shoe's ability to stay on baby toes! 

So Maryann may not exactly hate Target, but she was definitely not happy with my choice to try out some uncomfortable shoes!  Here at Beautiful Babies Boutique our goal is to help as many babies as possible be comfortable AND beautiful!  We wanted to share our trip to Target with you in hopes that a couple more babies might be able to walk a little easier and be a little more comfy! 

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