A New Year for Beautiful Babies Boutique!

Happy New Year!! 

2017 has flown by! Us (three) girls have spend the last couple days on the very BEAUTIFUL very COLD North Topsail Beach in NC.  Collecting shells and curling up on the couch with a view so wonderful it makes you NEVER want to leave.  


living room view

(yes THAT is the view from the couch) 


It was a wonderful time soaking in the sun (no matter how chilly the breeze was).  I also enjoyed watching some of my favorite people spend time together in such a beautiful place.


Grandma and Maryann

(Kym (grandma) and our beautiful baby looking for shells)


As our trip and the year come to a close, it is officially time to start thinking about what the new year is going to hold - setting our goals and resolutions.  While some are making new fitness goals and healthy budgeting plans, Beautiful Babies Boutique is preparing for SEVERAL exciting new additions! 

This JANUARY blog post is hopefully the first of many SUCCESSFUL and funny (sometimes) posts containing helpful information, behind the scenes glimpses of Beautiful Babies Boutique, and a little insight into how Beautiful Babies Boutique is part of our every day life.  There are two of us, mom and daughter, behind Beautiful Babies Boutique - in case you didn't know! Three girls, if you include the beautiful baby that started it all.   We would LOVE feedback by the way ;)

FEBRUARY through APRIL we will be creating “ready to ship” items, and creating new styles. These will be featured in our BST group and in the FB congos where we one of many talented vendors. Our FB congos, AWE congo (the 1st and 3rd, and sometimes 5th when applicable Thursday of every month), and Fluffin' Awesome congo ( the 3rd sunday of every month) are a conglomeration if talented WAHMs that create a variety of items. These are fantastic marketplaces! You can find either of these by searching the names into Facebook, the groups are also “recommended by admins” on out B/S/T Facebook page.

For the month of MAY, we are going to be celebrating our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! This milestone is very exciting for us and, hopefully, will be for YOU too!  We'll have some awesome giveaways and promotions that month! 

JUNE may be the most exciting month of all!!  Beautiful Baby #2 is due June 21st!  Expect to be spammed with OHH so many adorable newborn pictures...wearing outfits by yours truly of course! 


Since both of our families are military, moves are always around the corner.  This is that year for at least ONE of us, possibly both!  While this is very exciting, there may be a period of time during this year when website orders may have a longer fulfillment time.  We promise to keep you updated as this happens. 


We're not sure what the second 6 months will hold but I'm sure they will be wonderful and exciting!  Every moment is truly an adventure when you're surrounded with wild hooligans like ours - 3 teens (Kym) and toddler/baby (Emarie)! 

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