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Why My Daughter Hates Target

My daughter hates target. Well maybe I am over exaggerating a little... While visiting grandma this week we took a good ol' casual trip to Targay (aka the fanciest Target I know), and we saw them!  We found the cutest little shoes ... in Maryann's size ... on sale!!  They where ADORABLE...and such a great deal!  Yay!  We know that we make her super cute shoes.  And we do.  ALL the time!  But every once in a while we see REALLY cute "real" shoes.  Add to that finding a really good deal, it feels too good to pass up.  SO we put the cute boots on her and waited for her to done sitting in the cart (AKA throwing the "all done"...

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A New Year for Beautiful Babies Boutique!

Happy New Year!!  2017 has flown by! Us (three) girls have spend the last couple days on the very BEAUTIFUL very COLD North Topsail Beach in NC.  Collecting shells and curling up on the couch with a view so wonderful it makes you NEVER want to leave.     (yes THAT is the view from the couch)    It was a wonderful time soaking in the sun (no matter how chilly the breeze was).  I also enjoyed watching some of my favorite people spend time together in such a beautiful place.   (Kym (grandma) and our beautiful baby looking for shells)   As our trip and the year come to a close, it is officially time to start thinking about...

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